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SEO: Search Engine Optimization

Everyone else I've worked with tries to trick Google. You give them exactly what they want.

-Jeff (A satisfied client)

Website Optimization and SEO Expert, Bonnie Worthington will take the core purpose of your website, your target audience, and your revenue and website conversion expectations, and blend them into a strategic plan for your website that can be easily implemented.

Many practitioners with in-depth SEO knowledge try to fool the search engines, (known as Black Hat SEO). This is only a temporary way to obtain search engine rankings and these tactics are not used here. Search engines are smart and the algorithm changes frequently to outsmart even the tricksters. There are no shortcuts to good search engine results positions and increased website traffic. Nothing but "White Hat SEO" (tactics used by the "good guys") will get you the search engine visibility you are looking for.

As a professional in many areas besides Search Engine Optimization, Bonnie Worthington maintains a high level of integrity and delivers optimum value to her clients. With her ongoing dedication to continued education in her professional fields, Bonnie is able to keep her skill sets sharp. Immersed in the SEO and internet marketing industry as an author and SEO practitioner, Bonnie Worthington a good choice if you want to see your website rank higher in the search engines. Start your website working its way to the top of your targeted search engine results pages, and call Bonnie today at (530) 521-4820.

Satisfied Clients

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