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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Goes Hand-In-Hand With Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


By Bonnie Worthington, CEO Website Strategies, Inc. The other day, I was in a group of people and a man asked me “what I did.”  Knowing he wanted to know what I do as an occupation, and also “believing” he knew nothing about websites, I answered with, “I help businesses get more website sales.” To […]

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How to Get Your Yahoo Local Business Listing

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


How to Get Your Yahoo Local Business Listing By: Bonnie Worthington ( Signing up for the local business listings on Yahoo is much like making a Google Places Page. First it requires you to have a Yahoo account. If you don’t already have one, just go to Follow the instructions for registration, or sign […]

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10 Reasons Your Business Should Use Social Media

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


By Bonnie Worthington I am often asked by business owners, “What is social media all about and how can it help my business?” Or, “Is social media really worth all the time it takes to manage?” To answer these questions, I have compiled my top 10 reasons a business owner should use social media. You […]

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