Four Steps to Increase Website Sales Conversions—Get More Website Sales

Tue, Apr 12, 2011


By: Bonnie Worthington, Website Optimization Consultant

Most website owners I work with have their websites built to satisfy their own needs.  This seems basic and logical.  You need to sell your products and services, so you and your website designer create something you think looks professional and engaging.  What many website owners neglect to do is analyze their website from a user’s perspective. This is a costly omission.

  1. Does your website take too long to load? One of the main reasons you lose customers is because your website takes too long too load.  Many websites incorporate too much Flash or moving animation elements. This is negative for two reasons.  Search Engines have limited ability to read content put into Flash format and Flash slows down your page loading speed.  Eye-tracking heat-maps show flash and many images distract your website visitors from the task at hand; purchasing your product. Pare down your flash and images.  Less is more.

Most websites in the number one organic search position on page one of the search results have an average page-speed score of 80/100 or above.  If you need help determining your website loading speed score, you can call a professional to test your website.

  1. Is your website overloaded with content? Well-organized content is a must. You might have heard that “content is king,” but your content must be well organized so the user can find what they are looking for in a split second or you forfeit them to your competition. It’s like walking into a messy house, or listening to a radio broadcast that is too loud.  If there’s too much to content to process or the content is disorganized, you will lose your visitor. Strive for balance.  One way to achieve that balance is by using buttons or images at the top of your page that lead to sought-after content, instead of a page full of random, disorganized content.

No matter how your content is organized, your most important website content and keywords should fall into the “F” pattern on your page, above the fold. Content is important for your optimization, so if you are going to have a text-heavy site, keep the text below the fold, and your easy-to-access buttons and clickable images above the fold surrounded by white space. A website optimization expert can quickly organize your content into a usable structure that will engage your visitors so they convert into customers.

  1. Is your call to action simple, visible and above the fold? Most of my clients want their visitors to take a specific action.  Website owners and designers make five major mistakes when it comes to their call to action.
    1. Too many calls to action on a page
    2. No call to action at all
    3. The call to action is difficult to find
    4. Requires the collection of too much personal information
    5. Requires too many clicks to perform the action and you lose your customer in the process.
  2. Are your keywords specific for each page of your website? Your keywords are the terms you have determined as important search query terms that will bring users to your website. If you haven’t spent time in keyword research for your audience, you are missing valuable business.  If your keywords aren’t specific to your content (and their query), your visitors will leave your website in search of a site that fulfills their needs.  When I work with clients performing laser-focused, keyword research, it can take up to two hours for each page   As a result, we discover their most valuable, convertible keywords. I recommend you research your best keywords, implement them, measure your results, and then re-work them when necessary. Optimization is an ongoing process.

Website visitors are getting more and more demanding by the second and tolerance for disorganized, irrelevant, or too much website content is decreasing exponentially, so it is imperative that your keywords be laser focused, which takes diligent research.

If you slow down and spend some time on your website from your visitor’s perspective, you most likely will find elements on your site that need change.  If you need a professional website optimization consultant, I’d be glad to help you.

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