How to Edit Your YouTube Videos and Change Your YouTube Video Privacy Options from your iPhone

Mon, Feb 28, 2011


By: Bonnie Worthington

In working with a client today on pre-scheduling YouTube videos and then broadcasting YouTube videos to their social media on a controlled schedule, they told me they were unable to edit or change their privacy options on their YouTube videos from their iPhone. It was important for them to be able to do this from their iPhone because they were going on vacation and not going to have access to a computer.

Since Privacy Options on the YouTube videos are a part of the editing option in your YouTube account, you must first know how to edit your videos from your iPhone in order to change the YouTube video privacy options on your iPhone. The process is fast, and with iPhone technology, the process is easy.

The problem with the process my client was using, was that she was using the YouTube App on the iPhone to access her YouTube account and trying to edit from there. This method is impossible as you are unable to access the inner sanctum of your account through the app.  The app is limited.  Using the iPhone YouTube app is not a problem when all you want to do are simple tasks like upload videos, watch or comment on videos.  To edit your videos, you must be signed into your YouTube Account and access it via your iPhone web browser.

To shortcut the process, go to Do not forget the underscore marks between the words my_videos_edit. This link will get you to your list of videos within your YouTube account if you are already signed in.

Then, choose the “edit” button next to the thumbnail of the video you want to edit and it takes you into the full computer version of your edit screen on your iPhone.  From there, just scroll down on the left to find your privacy options and change them.  In the pre-scheduling of YouTube videos, the privacy option is important because uploaded videos are live and publie until you change them to private within your account.  A program like HootSuite allows you pre-schedule your broadcasts of any posts to your social media, so to use this in conjunction with scheduling YouTube, you can make your videos private until the night before, hours before, or minutes before your video post is going to be broadcast to your social media. Then prior to the broadcast, you can change the privacy options and make them public again.

If release date isn’t important to you, just upload the videos and leave them public and schedule them to be broadcast when you want them to be broadcast, and if you need it, now you know how to edit or change the privacy options on your YouTube videos.

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