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Sat, Oct 9, 2010


By: Bonnie Worthington

Is Mark Zuckerberg angry about the way he was portrayed in The Social Network? I hope not. He’s a public figure and he’s the brilliant man behind, and CEO of Facebook. Public figures are always subject to the opinions of those who know them and those who don’t, and there is no way anyone, even Zuckerberg can control public opinion, good or bad.

I don’t know the man personally, so I don’t know if he was friendless in college. Truly, it doesn’t matter now. What matters is “who” he is now. And I don’t know that either. I do know he is giving away millions of dollars through his foundation, built by the giant that Facebook has become. I do know that he had to have been a genius to build entire websites complete with mind-bogglingly complicated algorithms (ala Facemash) in one night and crash the Harvard server by 4 a.m. because it was overloaded with users. I do know that Mark Zuckerberg represents the American dream of having an idea—Yes having his own idea (the Winklevoss idea was an exclusive, snobbish dating site, not a Facebook) and taking it to the entire world in just a few months. In my opinion, Mark Zuckerberg is an amazing genius. Get this folks, his brilliance made him a billionaire in his twenties!

Thanks to Facebook, I have met the man I love and share my life with, connected with friends from school I thought I’d never see again, and gained multiple new clients on a regular basis for my SEO, website optimization business. Because Mark Zuckerberg brought Faceboook to the world, the man has made my world a better place, and I don’t even know the guy. He certainly has my appreciation.

As a movie, The Social Network is getting great reviews and the acting is excellent. The story is riveting and I highly recommend it.

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