How to Create Great Content and Build Relevant Back-links to Your Site

Sun, Sep 12, 2010


By: Bonnie Worthington

Link building is an extremely important part of your website optimization strategy. It is important that your site contains content that is of value to your visitors so that you give them a worth-while experience on your website, and you can build the incoming links to your site at the same time. Building incoming links to your website builds your site authority. The more incoming links to your site, the higher your website will rank in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS).

1. Create an informational video, slide show, whitepaper or You Tube video. Suppose you own a bicycle shop and you have a website. Think about what kinds of whitepapers or You Tube videos could you make that could help visitors to your site. You could write a “How to Patch an Inner Tube paper, or make a video showing the steps. You could do the same thing for a bicycle safety paper, video, or slide-share presentation.

2. Load it to your site on a dedicated page. Once you prepare your informational content, upload it to your site on a dedicated page. This is called “link bait.” Link bait does just what the name implies. It baits people into linking to your new page because it is valuable information.

3. Do a search on the same topic of the informational piece you just created. For example, search the term “bicycle safety.” One of the top informational pages that show up in the SERPS is a whitepaper on

4. Click on the number one result from your search. This will take you to the desired page from your search.

5. Copy the url of the number one result. To do this highlight the url in the address bar and click “copy” or click “control + C” to copy.

6. Go to Google Webmaster Tools or Yahoo Site Explorer and enter (or paste) the url of the informational piece you just searched and receive a report of all the websites that link to that url in the box provided. (Click “paste” or “Control + V” to paste). I prefer to use Google Webmaster Tools for this task as it gives more precise results. Both are free. For our example, we received a report with a list of sixty-three websites linking to the informational page we just found on

7. Visit each website on your list and find out who is responsible for adding links to their website. This will take a few minutes of research on the site and possibly some phone calls.

8. Craft a letter, email, or place a phone call to the person in charge of adding links to their website and invite them to link to your new informational piece. Once you have located that person, either call them personally or send them a personal email telling them about your new informational paper available for them to link to and extend an invitation for them to link to your new page, this increasing incoming links to your website.

9. Continue down your new list of websites inviting each to link to your information. This is a time consuming process, but well worth the time and capital investment if you give the task to a designated employee handle this task.

10. Watch your SERPS continue to rise as you add quality links to your website. As a consequence, you will begin to see traffic to your site increase and if you have made your site conversion friendly, you will see an increase in business.

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