Make Your Blog Part of Your Website

Sun, Sep 5, 2010


Blogging is an important part of your social media marketing and also for your website search positions. Be sure your blog is a sub-directory of your domain name or url, not a sub domain in itself. The difference is that the subdirectory lives on your url. The sub-domain is basically a separate entity and therefore, does not add content to your website. Since relevant content helps drive your search positions, it’s worth the investment of time or money to get your blog off of the outside providers and onto your website ( “your site url/blog.” ) If you have any questions, I’d be happy to explain further.

You could think of it this way. If you have your blog off of your website like a blogger or wordpress off-site blog, it’s like having a business card with the printer’s name all over it and yours on it too, but the printer gets most of the value from it. It’s just not in your best interest.

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