How to Create a Facebook Business Page

Wed, Sep 1, 2010


By: Bonnie Worthington

You have finally decided to give your business a presence within the Facebook (Fb) community, but you’re not quite sure how to build your fb business page.

Creating a Fb business page is as easy as creating a Fb personal profile, or Fb group page, but there are some advantages to having a business page instead of promoting your business through a “group” page or a personal profile.

• A business page has an unlimited number of network connections allowed, while personal pages and group pages are limited to 5,000 contacts or “friends.”

• Business page administrators have access to statistics on traffic activity to their business page while group and personal pages do not.

• Business pages can be customized with applications and group pages cannot.

You can have a business page without having a personal page, but I don’t recommend it. If you don’t have a personal page to connect to your business page, you have no way of promoting your business page other than buying pay per click advertising within Facebook, or promoting it with your outside marketing tools, such as a link from your website, in-store banners, etc. Also, “business only” accounts are not found in search results and they can’t send or receive “friend” requests. If you have a personal page, you can build up your network contacts (friend) list and suggest your business page to your “friends” and they in turn can suggest your page to their friends. In addition, a newsfeed is generated each time one of your friends connects to your business page, so others can connect if they want to. Whichever you choose, here’s how to build your Fb business page:

• Go to, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the blue “advertising” link at the bottom of the page.

• Click on the little blue “Facebook Page” link under the heading “Deepen Your Relationships.”

• Click on the green box in the upper right-hand corner that says, “Create a Page.” This takes you to the official page where you begin the creation of your business page.

• Choose one of three categories, Local Business, Brand or Product, or Artist, Band or Pubic Figure. You can’t change your page category once the page is created, so choose carefully. If you want to change categories, you will have to delete your page and start again.

• Name your page. Choose wisely because you cannot change the name of your page. Use a name that goes well in the newsfeeds. If I connected with your page, Facebook creates a newsfeed that says, “Bonnie Worthington ‘likes’ (name of your page).

• Add a photo or graphic to illustrate your page. This is a must. Statistics show people don’t want to connect to pages without graphics.

• Fill our your information under the “basic info” tab so people can get your contact information, location and other info you want to share.

• Add Content. Be sure your content gives value. No one wants to be “sold” something all the time. Offer coupons, list specials, notify about sales, etc. Keep value in mind. Post to your page often, no less than once per week.

• Now you are ready to greet your public. You must click the “publish” button in order for your page to go live.

Having a Facebook business page is a wonderful way to connect with your target market. And if you don’t have a website, a Facebook business page is a great way to get on the internet.

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