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How to Create Great Content and Build Relevant Back-links to Your Site

12. September 2010


By: Bonnie Worthington Link building is an extremely important part of your website optimization strategy. It is important that your site contains content that is of value to your visitors so that you give them a worth-while experience on your website, and you can build the incoming links to your site at the same time. […]

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Make Your Blog Part of Your Website

5. September 2010


Blogging is an important part of your social media marketing and also for your website search positions. Be sure your blog is a sub-directory of your domain name or url, not a sub domain in itself. The difference is that the subdirectory lives on your url. The sub-domain is basically a separate entity and therefore, […]

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How to Create a Facebook Business Page

1. September 2010


By: Bonnie Worthington You have finally decided to give your business a presence within the Facebook (Fb) community, but you’re not quite sure how to build your fb business page. Creating a Fb business page is as easy as creating a Fb personal profile, or Fb group page, but there are some advantages to having […]

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